By M & M - burning passion, curiosity & creativity


The unconditional wish for people to refresh their individual wishes & needs & to admit and revitalize their unique "I".

Anyone who knows us and our company knows that we live with a burning passion for every guest / customer or friend. Everything we design or do we do with great joy & fun.

Burning with passion for decorations, lifestyles, fashion & beauty, design for our © B one by M & M´s new fashion label "rüya" - fashion unisex

For this feeling and longing, we at M & M are always looking for inspiration and unusual fashion items.

Whether it's our Ostseehotel Baabe - family & SPA, our B one by M & M fashion lifestyle indulgence store or now our latest project B two by M & M Wellness & SPA with a cosmetic line.

All of our brands are very close to our hearts.

We are 100% behind our projects and brands.

And we still remain ourselves with all our dreams and wishes for you.

Our team:

Marcel - CEO & store manager Baabe

Kerstin Store Team Baabe